A Practical Guide to CBT : From Stress to Strength


by Elaine Iljon Foreman; Clair Pollard

Overcome fears, manage negativity and improve your life with A Practical Guide to CBT.

Change can often seem like an impossible task, but this practical book will help you put it into perspective. Using the same tools employed by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practitioners, this book is full of activities to challenge you, stories to provide perspective, and a clear framework to guide you. The expert authors’ friendly and supportive approach will help you learn to manage recurrences of negative thinking and behavior, and to develop strong coping strategies, so that you can think more positively, act more calmly, and feel better about yourself.

A Practical Guide to CBT incorporates the latest therapies and research, including ACT and mindfulness, and explicitly addresses problem areas like insomnia and depression.

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Elaine Iljon Foreman; Clair Pollard






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